The City Out My Window: 63 Views on New York
“This is the Clock Tower Building. It was built in 1894 for an insurance company and it is a designated historical landmark. The facade was designed by Stanford White. It is now used by the city for Criminal Court. There are often fist fights and screaming matches in the alley, leading me to suspect that the Court's decisions, not surprisingly, are not always well received. I once threw a friend's lit cigar out the window and it landed on a sleeping homeless man who subsequently caught fire, and many fire engines squeezed into the alley to extinguish the flames. He was not hurt, in part, a fireman told me, because his clothes were fire retardant. I was horrified that I had caused even the slightest burn, and we became friends (I give him a winter outfit each year, which I suspect is not inflammable). The particular charm of the Clock Tower is that it anachronistically rings the hour with loud peals. In the twelve years that I have looked out this window, the bells have never failed. I hear them while I am working and I hear them when I sleep.”
Susanna Moore, writer